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The Magical Phil Nichols!

Catch Phil Nichols performing at the Texas Renaissance Festival and Dickens on the Strand or through his web site at: Born in Illinois in 1964, Phil Nichols' showed an early aptitude for art and won his first art competition at age 5, the...

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Ventriloquism – A Self Taught Art?

I've heard it said that ventriloquism is a self taught art. Really? Can you just sit in front of a mirror, practice and become a ventriloquist? You mean there is no need for a course? No need for a book? Sure, there are plenty of free online ventriloquism lessons. Can...

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IVS Radio – The Backup Plan

IVS Radio is exclusively for IVS Members! Today my good friend Ken Groves is my guest and we have a very interesting discussion about backup plans. With the changing entertainment market, there are a bunch of entertainers who are having trouble finding work. Ken tells...

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Ventriloquism Online Magazine
Members of the Ventriloquist Society
Puppet Manipulation For Ventriloquists

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Jeff Dunham!

Ventriloquism Lessons By Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham is a member of the International Ventriloquist Society

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Ventriloquism Online Magazine
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Members of the Ventriloquist Society




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