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Recently some things developed in the ventriloquism community that were rather disturbing.Several individuals became upset about the perceived success of others. This blew up on Facebook with people taking different sides.The same day, an article written for...

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CHUCK LYONS, the life of the party

  Ventriloquist Chuck Lyons happily spends his semi-retirement performing. “I truly love this art, and enjoyed many benefits from it. The people I’ve met, lifelong friendships I’ve made, but most of all smiles I’ve been able to give to my audiences. It is truly...

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15 Things I Love About Ventriloquism

I was challenged to write 15 things I love about ventriloquism. So, here is my list! 1. Ventriloquism is fun. Anyone who does it can attest to that! 2. Ventriloquism is a challenge. To perform ventriloquism correctly is challenging. I remember the countless hours I...

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Polyphony, Imitations & Sound Effects

At one time, polyphony, imitations and sound effects were closely associated with the art of ventriloquism. No doubt because like ventriloquism, they were an illusion of the voice. In fact, distant ventriloquism is a cross of imitation and sound effect. Many...

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