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The Multi Faceted David Weyrick!

That fellow performing in a tuxedo (honoring Jimmy Nelson) is our own David Weyrick. David keeps his act relevant and family friendly. From the grieving goat Folkmanis, to the elderly and deaf Clyde, to the Library show on the history of puppetry, David...

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Free Ventriloquism Lesson
How to make a ventriloquist puppet
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Collectible Membership Cards

Collectible membership cards for I.V.S. Members started three years ago. Today we unveil our 2019 card. When the International Ventriloquist Society formed, one of our early members contacted me. He had been a member of the N.A.A.V. (North American...

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How To Throw Your Voice

How To Throw Your Voice Maher Studios gets a lot of email about this subject. How can I throw my voice? I do not believe you can teach me to throw my voice. In the past I have tried and I failed. You say the voice always comes from you, but the ear can't...

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Ventriloquism Online Magazine
Members of the Ventriloquist Society
Puppet Manipulation For Ventriloquists

Ventriloquist Lessons
Jeff Dunham!

Ventriloquism Lessons By Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham is a member of the International Ventriloquist Society

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Ventriloquism Online Magazine
Ventriloquist Podcast
ventriloquism forum
Members of the Ventriloquist Society




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