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Four times a year you will receive an online, electronic magazine featuring some of the best and brightest ventriloquists around. You will:

  • find out what is happening in other countries,
  • get tour schedules of the pros so you can see them live,
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  • learn tips that will help you with your performance and staging,
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  • plus learn about all phases of the art to continue growing as a ventriloquist!

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It takes a lot to achieve success as a ventriloquist:

  • Improving your skills.
  • Developing your characters.
  • Finding the funny.
  • Discovering new ideas.
  • Fine tuning your act.
  • and so much more …

No matter if you are performing around the world, or for your family & friends in the living room, the I.V.S. can help!

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Insider Archives:
The International Ventriloquist Society is constantly producing new content for the community. All previously released content also remains available. It may be found and accessed at any time in the I.V.S. Archives. You will have access to past issues of the I.V.S. Spotlight, Maher/I.V.S. Radio podcasts and more. You won’t believe how much you’ve missed, and that is just to get you started!

There is power in numbers. Thinking of purchasing a ventriloquism DVD or book? Maybe you need a new microphone or sound system. Within the community you can pick the brains of your fellow ventriloquists and see if your purchase will be a smart decision. Maybe you will find an even better solution. We encourage you to advice too. Everyone benefits when we help each other!

Insider Forum:
Talking and interacting with other ventriloquists leads to more creative ideas. Our members forum has threads dedicated to all aspects of ventriloquism. This makes it easy to find what you need and follow discussions. Feel free to ask questions, share thoughts or provide your own tips in this exclusive forum only for I.V.S. Members.

I.V.S. Bonuses:
Members will also receive access to a variety of useful bonuses during their membership. Some examples of the types of bonuses include Mini Workshops, Practice scripts, Audios, Videos, PDF Downloads, eBooks, Checklists, Interviews, occasional discounts on Maher Studios products and other resources we create. These will appear at various times throughout the year in addition to the other content the I.V.S. provides.

Tom, I am still impressed what you and your team produce every three months. The contents is of great value and the presentation is top. Send a thank you from Sweden.

Conny Ray


Love the new SPOTLIGHT. Tom’s interview with Diana sparked an idea for the show I’m working on for next month at a senior assisted living center.

Wally Cady

United States

Normally I hate “Me, too” comments but here I have to join the choir. IVS is stronger than ever. Wonderful worldwide international contacts, great info … keep it coming!

Stevo Schuling


Sounds Great, But How Much Is It?

If you are a ventriloquist, a supplier or “just” a fan of the art of ventriloquism, the International Ventriloquist Society will become an invaluable resource for you.

You’ll quickly find yourself becoming a part of a unique community of amazing people who love to share their passion with others.

Over the past number of years, many organizations have failed due to the costs associated with printing and postage. By making the I.V.S. an online organization, we can help control the costs and keep our offerings top notch.

The good news is that the I.V.S. has been priced for even the most modest budget. So why wait?

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