Collectible membership cards for I.V.S. Members started three years ago. Today we unveil our 2019 card.

When the International Ventriloquist Society formed, one of our early members contacted me. He had been a member of the N.A.A.V. (North American Association of Ventriloquist.)

He had saved every membership card that Clinton sent him, and now had them in a frame.

The earliest membership card from the I.V.S. left a lot to be desired.

Printed full color on cardstock, the design was rather dull. Each member’s name, number and membership expiration was printed on a gold label and attached to the card.

The cost of sending the early membership packages overseas was staggering. Because of this, we decided to create PDF membership certificates and cards.

While this definitely saved postage, it didn’t provide a proper “feel” for the organization.

When Mark & Ken said they were stepping down, I decided to “Up The Game” for the I.V.S.

One of those improvements was a new plastic membership card.

The first card design included the flag of the member’s country. Below is my membership card from that year.

Members liked the new cards, and that is when I recalled my earlier conversation about the framed cards.

I decided that the I.V.S. Membership cards should be collectible. With that in mind, I created a different design for the following year.

Since the organization started in mid-November, that is the point things change over.

It is now my pleasure to unveil the next membership card.

If you are a member, be sure to hold on to your older cards. This collection is one you will be proud to own.

And who knows, I’ve seen vents sell off old N.A.A.V. cards, so someday your collection may be worth something.

If you aren’t a member of the I.V.S. – now is the time to join. While you can’t get the first two plastic cards, you can definitely get in on the future editions!

Collectible membership cards – just one more reason to join ventriloquism’s only international organization.