Cases & Transporting Props

One of Mark Wade’s most popular columns on the Maher Studios blog discussed cases. Protecting your props is important. They are not only an investment, they are your performance. Without them, it would be hard to do your act wouldn’t it? In this episode we expand on...

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Sound Systems (Part 2)

Last week we started discussing sound systems. It is a pretty in-depth subject and Ken had more to say. Soooooo – this week is part two of our conversation about sound. Today we discuss the benefits and disadvantages of wireless mics. Find out what a good wireless...

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Sound Systems

Is there a good sound system that is cheap? Does that unicorn really exist? Today, we discuss the pros and cons of sound systems based on our experiences over the past 30+ years. Why does the sound matter? Will the house system be okay? What’s the difference between a...

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What Does The Audience See?

What does that even mean? Do you know? Do you care? You should! We often see ourselves differently than others. When you go on stage, they will be critical – why should you command an audience’s time? Why should they watch you? Time is limited for all of us – why...

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What To Do When You Bomb!

Welcome to Episode 9 of Maher Ventriloquist Radio! One of the biggest fears a person has is bombing on-stage. The fear of failure when in front of an audience terrifies some people. In truth, no one gets hurt. At least physically. But bombing can happen, and it...

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