Script Writing

Maher Studios used to produce a lot of script booklets. Most ventriloquists I have talked with have said if they got one good line it was worth the price. When Ken, Mark & I reopened the Studio, we wanted to do better. We wanted to create scripts that vents could...

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Sanity On The Road

Donald Woodford contacted me about how ventriloquists deal with loneliness when on the road. I answered it on an episode of Ask Tom on the Learn-Ventriloquism Blog. Today, we’ll expand on that episode to find out a bit more about dealing with travel. Don’t...

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Guideposts For A Great Show

What makes a great show? How can you tell if you are headed in the right direction? Are there warning signs that things aren’t going so well? Today we talk about the guideposts for a great show. If you hit these, you are on the path to success. Don’t have...

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Dealing With Hecklers

Someone contacted us with the question – “How do you deal with Hecklers?” The first thing you need to do is understand why people heckle. Then you have to learn how to solve this situation without making it worse. On today’s show, you’ll get advice from three pros who...

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Artificial Time Limits

What is an artificial time limit? A restriction you or a client puts on your act. How long does your show need to be? Find out in a great conversation that will open your eyes. Don’t have time to listen now? Download this episode to your computer, tablet...

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