Ventriloquism Organization Grows

While the future of many organizations looks bleak.

As a ventriloquism organization, the I.V.S. continues to grow. That breaks a disturbing trend though.

Recently, Kidabra, a children’s entertainer organization ceased publication of their online magazine. Kidabra will continue to host conventions, but even those may be at stake without a thriving membership.

If you attend Rotary Club, Lions, Elks & Moose lodge meetings across the United States, you find in most cases their membership is down too.


Organizations used to be important forums.

At that time, there were few other ways to network.

The leadership would bring in speakers to provide members with insights and current informtion.

The organizations, clubs, societies, would also act as advocates on behalf of their members.

These organizations would communicate with members via magazines and newsletters.

They formed local groups and held national conferences.

That was then … this is now …

Welcome to the Digital Age.

Today, you can jump on the Internet, Google search your industry and connect with others in a matter of minutes.

There are forums on FaceBook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. These repositories of information can help you solve problems.

Need advice, just post and ask!

And you can do this anywhere.

You’ve got a computer in the palm of your hand if you own a smart phone.

And many people expect to access information on websites for free.

So why pay to become a member?

What can organizations do?

And why is the International Ventriloquist Society growing?

Future Of Ventriloquism Organization

The Future …

The future of any organization will depend on how it embraces technology and uses it to connect in a meaningful way.

Success will depend on staying ahead of the curve by anticipating trends that will affect members. How the organization then helps their members with this knowledge will see them grow or fail.

Exclusive access to high quality forums, workshops, seminars & conferences will create valuable opportunities for the membership.

The key growth factor will be focusing on the needs of individual members and providing what they seek. Can the organization provide valuable training and resources to help these members save time and succeed?

The International Ventriloquist Society has taken these concepts to heart.

We have separated from the Maher Ventriloquist Studios site which will provide us with room to grow.

No longer in the Maher shadow, we can concentrate on promoting the society and the art of ventriloquism to a larger audience.

We will continue the I.V.S. Spotlights, but enhance the site with other trainings and information.

Much of this will be available only to paid members.

But the I.V.S. is also taking a progressive path to enlarging our numbers.

A recent article stated:

We can expect Associations to grow their membership by allowing public access to part of their archive, and to a digest of current news postings and resources …

To that end, we will be creating new “free” content and offering glimpses at some of our older materials. We intend for this site to become a go to source for all things ventriloquism.

We will offer a new “Free Member” level. This allows access to the free content here on the site.

But if it is already free content, why would people want to become free members?

Because it will allow the IVS to stay in touch and inform the public about the latest in the world of ventriloquism.

Naturally, the goal is to be so valuable to any Free Members, that they will become full members of the I.V.S. so they will have access to everything on the site.

We are also creating a trial membership.

Trial memberships are only $1 for 7 days. They will get full access to the site contents. If they decide to continue, at the end of 7 days they are billed for the full membership and set up with a subscription account.

We are excited to begin this new phase of the I.V.S.

We look forward to the participation and input of our members as we work toward creating a better ventriloquism organization for you.