Issue 35
June 2021

June 2021 Cover

This month’s cover features the IVS Philippines!

First row… left to right *Rodolfo Uy *Laurence Francisco *Arnel Guray

2nd row… left to right * Dwyane Hicban *Diego Francia *Arnold Allanigui *Sam Fuentes *Wanlu Lunaria

Background: The iconic Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)

Bouncing Back …

The theme of this summer’s Vent Haven International ConVENTion is “Bouncing Back.” That seems more relevant today than it did when the theme was announced last fall.

Entertainment IS bouncing back as people once again begin to gather socially. It is encouraging to see other ventriloquists talking about their shows and successes.

While it isn’t that way everywhere, YET, these openings should inspire us all to realize Covid will be defeated. We will be able to return to the stage and we should all prepare to entertain again.

Stay strong, stay inspired and enjoy this issue!

Tom Crowl
Executive Director
International Ventriloquist Society

Willie Tyler & Tom Crowl

Willie Tyler took time for this picture at an earlier conVENTion. He will be headlining this year. Don’t miss the chance to meet this legend of the art!

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Welcome To Our New Members!

  • Tracie Gerardi
  • Julian Grant
  • Zack Wenthe
  • Lloyd Mendenhall

Terry Shares …

IVS Philippines headed by it’s President, Wanlu Lunaria has been trying hard to promote the art of ventriloqusim in their country despite the pandemic. The group recently tied up with a group of ventriloquists in Indonesia and presented the “Philippines-Indonesia Vent E-vent.” The show featured 6 ventriloquists from the two ASEAN countries. Wanlu and his counterpart from Indonesia Mr Budi Haha hosted the e-vent. Performers for IVS. Ph were Guilbert Quinquileria, Flooch Capili and Dwyane Hicban. You can still watch the replay on the IVS.Ph FB page. The group is now making arrangements for another virtual vent e-vent scheduled for July which is the international ventriloquist month. The show is entitled “VentAsia” which will feature ventriloquists from China, Singapore, India, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines.

IVS.Ph has also been involved in charity events in the past year. The group, represented by Wanlu Lunaria and Dwyane Hicban performed for children with cancer at the Kythe Ateneo virtual event. Arnold Allanigui and Wanlu Lunaria performed for families affected by the Taal Volcano eruption. The group also performed for the National Library of the Philippines for librarians all over the country.

IVS.Ph also streams “TaponTinig” the online ventriloquist talk show which features profesioanl and amateur ventriloquists. No less than IVS Executive Director Mr Tom Crowl has been on the show as well as celebrity ventriloquists Xian Lim and Danica Acuña.

IVS.Ph also released an MTV featuring all the members and their puppets singing to “Sana” an inspiring Filipino song. You can check out the MTV at the IVS.Ph Facebook page.

The group also won the Best Comedy Show Award at the Rainforest World Puppet Carnival held in Kuching, Malaysia last November 2019. Arnold Allanigui was nominated for the Best Puppeteer Award. The group was also nominated for Best Childrens Show and the Grand Prix Award.

Our future project includes a local ventriloquist festival which will be held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) real soon, God willing. The group also plans to hold a membership drive as well as a mentorship program we call “Ventor.”

The world of Ventriloquism continues to expand as we learn about other organizations around the globe. I was recently contacted by Guillermo A. GUARDIA the Presidente CIVEAR – an Argentine organization of ventriloquists!

El Círculo Ventrílocuos Argentinos, nació por idea del ventrílocuo Miguel Ángel Lembo, Miguel y Pascualito, a raíz de una conversación con otro colega, y con la idea de verificar cuantos artistas en el arte de la ventriloquia existirían en la República Argentina

Translation: The Círculo Ventríloquos Argentinos was born by the idea of the ventriloquist Miguel Ángel Lembo, Miguel and Pascualito, as a result of a conversation with another colleague, and with the idea of verifying how many artists in the art of ventriloquism would exist in the Argentine Republic

Check out this active group’s website at:

Here is some news from Denmark.

This year has been a weird year for me as a performer.

A Danish circus asked me to be their new ring master. Cirkus Baldoni (

Of course I accepted and now I do what a ring master does plus my ventriloquism act.

Hello everybody,

On this occasion, TOM CROWL has informed us that this magazine will exceptionally be available not only to IVS members but also to the general public, in order to share it with our friends so that they may know who we are and encouraging everyone to join this great family of ventriloquists in our I.V.S. INTERNATIONAL VENTRILOQUIST SOCIETY.

For those who do not know me, I inform you that since 1965 I am a Spanish Magician and Ventriloquist, and I currently belong to three large Spanish Magic Clubs. Also, since 2013, I have been registered in the I.V.S. with number 102, where I write quarterly different reports of my shows, techniques, recommendations, attendance at congresses, events, etc., for the SPOTLIGHT magazine.

Now I am accompanied by three important characters that I am going to introduce you. They have asked me to inform them about the I.V.S. and your magazine, so let’s get started.

First, let me introduce you to MR. JARKO: he is a peculiar character with a very particular vision of everything that surrounds him.

Later we will talk with a great and very famous friend called RAKAS, admired by all Spanish children.

And finally, our friend the frog FROGGY, who will also be pleased to collaborate with us.


Let’s start with MR. JARKO, who wants to ask for a lot of things.

J.– Hey Mariano DILEMA! Tell me what is this about the I.V.S.
Is it the brand of a car? Any TV channels? Some kind of sports stadium?

D.– No, no, no, MR. JARKO, ¡no! Look: the I.V.S. is not a car, or a sports stadium, or a TV channel. It is the most important Ventriloquist Society in all parts of the world, and that is why it is called I.V.S. INTERNATIONAL VENTRILOQUIST SOCIETY!

J.– Ahh, Ventriloquism! Then you are one of those people who speak with the belly.

D.– Well, we do not speak with the belly, we speak like all people with the mouth, but without moving the lips.

J.– And what does this Ventriloquist Society do?

D.– Well you’ll see, I am going to explain it to you: This Society was founded by three famous professional Ventriloquists: MARK WADE, TOM CROWL and KEN GROVES, coming from MAHER VENTRILOQUIST STUDIOS. All of them are great masters of ventriloquism, recognized for their great category and experience in all this kind of techniques and because they know countless ventriloquists from all over the world.

J.– And, do they know you too?

D.– Yes, of course! They know me too.

J.– Ah! And what did you say they do?

D.– They are three ventriloquists who are dedicated, among other things, to disseminating this wonderful Art all around the world, by spreading advice, ideas, techniques, conferences, knowledges, practices, etc.

They also diffuse all their knowledge through a digital magazine, so that the ventriloquists who start out as amateurs or those who are already professionals might be inspired and boosted to continue growing technically. All this work allows them to become increasingly important and professional in their stage work.

I may also say MR. JARKO that every year in July the three of them prepare and put into operation the famous INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION OF VENTRILOQUISM, which is attended every year by more than 500 ventriloquists from all over the world.

J.– Wow! What you say is very interesting! And, have you ever been to a Convention?

D.– Yes, I have! I went to the Convention held in 2014, and it was a wonderful and unique experience. We will talk about it later.


R.– Wait a minute, Mariano DILEMA, now it’s my turn to talk about the magazine, because I have appeared on it several times! I think grandfather JARKO has never appeared on it.

D.– Ah, yes! Sorry, RAKAS, I was going to ask you right now what do you know about the magazine, but first let me introduce you.
Well dear friends, as I said before, a famous character called RAKAS is with us, he is a very special and very famous friend among all Spanish children. What’s up?

R.– Okay, well you see, the magazine is called SPOTLIGHT! It is a virtual magazine that is published every three months, that is, 4 magazines per year, on whose covers appear famous ventriloquists of the current moment. It also includes a presentation editorial by MARK WADE, TOM CROWL and /or KEN GROVES, in which some of the most brilliant ventriloquists that exist write reports about what is happening in other countries along with reports from different Correspondents from all around the world. And you you’re one of them, aren’t you DILEMA?

D.– Right RAKAS, I see that you know it very well.

R.– And TOM CROWL is in charge of writing, layout and sending the online magazine to all the partners on time, talking about different important ventriloquial issues, conducting interviews, explaining ventriloquial techniques, advising on the different kinds of dolls and puppets that exist in the market, sharing creative ideas, staging tips, presentations, and on- stage technical means, etc.

D.– Very good, RAKAS, very good.

R.– Correspondents and other partners also share their performances in theaters, hospitals, churches, libraries, clubs, etc., They act in their cities, explaining their new experiences, introducing their new dolls, sharing their ways of working, advising on problems that might appear, etc.

D.– Good!

R.– In another part of the magazine, the schedule for the tours and performances of the great famous artists that belong to this Club can be checked, with all the information about dates and places of performances, such as, for example, those who are going to attend the Upcoming Convention of the month of July. This will be JEFF DUNHAM, TERRY FATOR, DAN HORN, DARCI LYNNE, WILLIE TYLER among many others. This kind of shows are always attended by a large crowd of people as it’s a place where you can have a lot of fun. That is why it is very important to know where they perform so that you can choose your favorite spectacle and enjoy the shows.

D.– And what else can you tell us about the magazine?

R.– That I like it a lot, a lot! Because when you sign up, they give you the membership card (with your membership number) and also a Membership Certificate in PDF with the possibility to use the IVS logo on your website or on your personal cards or posters. The registration fee is $35.00/year with the automatic renewal each year (so you don’t have to think about it).

D.– Thank you very much RAKAS, and now our dear friend FROGGY (who also wants to collaborate) is already prepared for this interview.


F.– Hello, hello, hello everyone, I am the most joyous magical frog of all!! My name is FROGGY and now I am going to talk about the largest INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION OF VENTRILOQUISM in the whole world, which is held every year in July. It is spectacular, more than 500 ventriloquists come from all over the world, you cannot miss it any year!

D.– Well, tell us what is being done in the Convention.

F.– I have not been to any of them, because Mariano DILEMA (who was in the one in 2014) did not take me, but in last magazine he explained in detail in a very extensive report how the Convention was made. Some year he will take me there and I will be the star.

D.– Well, I’ll explain something. When you attend this INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION OF VENTRILOQUISM you will enjoy a great friendship between the attendees, since people who make it possibly get ensured that you are having fun in all the events that are held.

The moments of conviviality in the hotel halls are unforgettable, since many of the attendees are showing their dolls and commenting on their experiences.

When you are at the Fair, you are explained in detail all you may want to know about the dolls, their operation, their construction, their handling, their clothing, etc. You can find countless books, DVDs, accessories for dolls, costumes and also everything related to microphones, sound, lights, stage backdrops, tables, briefcases and transport bags for dolls, etc. It is a great Fair.

The conferences and workshops are very important and interesting, since you learn a lot from the professionals. Another thing of the event that cannot be missed is the visit to the VENT HAVEN MUSEUM, where a large number of dolls of former professionals from other times are exposed.

The final act is the staging of the group photo: this moment is such a big show as all the attendance and attendees gather outside the hotel where the Convention is held to obtain the wanted photo.

I can say with capital letters YOU CANNOT MISS NEXT CONVENTION next July, if the current vaccination circumstances allow it.

F.– To finish, look at how elegant I am when I go on stage! Even when Mariano DILEMA gets angry with me and he makes me disappear with his magic!

D.– For all the exposed above by both my dolls and I, I want to encourage you to join our ventriloquial family and register for the I.V.S. through this link:

Here you may find all the information you need! Just enter and find out.

I also want to thank especially MR. JARKO, RAKAS and FROGGY for their special collaboration in this interview as they have introduced our Society to all of you.

Best regards,
Mariano DILEMA

Hello to all our Vent minded members. The pickings have been very thin on the ground not only for us vents but all types of performing. As I am in retirement mode, I am happy with my lot (well?).

Had an order for a Geraldine Gee Junior figure for a film for Dot Hollows of Sandy Bay Winery in NSW. They already have one of our Gerry Gee Junior Anniversary Specials. The film script calls for a Geraldine with the manipulation of both characters to be undertaken by Dot’s twin granddaughters. When filming is complete, it will be run as an advert for the winery. Problem one: I could not source latex (my usual choice) to mould the head, as the product is no longer available in Aust. I had on hand a silicon mould so, fiberglass it was. Let’s just say fiberglass and I do not get along. I usually end up with my hand stuck to my eyebrow. I failed on two heads, third, came out ok. With Latex, you get shrinkage but fibreglass not so, the heads turn out a bit larger then original. Pleased to say that Geraldine is now in her new home and already the film star. 

Most vent heads are made of wood, papier-mache, latex or plastic. Goldberger had a big range of characters. I imported 12 Charlie McCarthy once and made up a special body to replace the kapok (fibre fill). I also added a spring mouth, a block and control stick and a trigger. A very usable figure, all sold well, most went to my students one ended up in a commercial. Charlie is an American radio icon. We had our own national radio ventriloquist back in my early school days.  ‘Mal Verco & Giger’. Together they had a fifteen minute four nights a week radio spot. Famous for many years, a great radio vent only. His figure Ginger was made by the great Cyril Talbot a wonderful Tivoli Circuit vent of early days. My first figure was also made out of the same mould by Cyril years later. The only movements were the mouth and eyes. Mine, as was Ginger, was out of paper mache and died at the hands of weevils, eaten away. 

Not sure about Ginger “apparently” Mal, a bit worse for wear, left him in a taxi never to seen again, he did not need Ginger to be a radio vent. Cannot recall when the show finally ended but there were some five hundred episodes. His short-lived comeback of an hour-long show lasted only a few weeks. Channel Nine (television) aired a tribute show headed by Ron Blaskett. The prop department made a near enough replica ‘Ginger’ also believed missing in action.

Was invited to be interviewed for TV by Linda Jane a lass I highlighted in a previous Down Under article (Dec 2018). She has now relocated to Adelaide and has her own production company ‘Snappy Productions’  you can find Linda on Facebook and take a sneak peek of my spot with the main part to be aired in June on Snaps Kakadu Club Children’s Show.

Til next time

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A Vent Haven ConVENTion Update With Mark Wade

By: Trish Dunn

I would like to share one of our amazing “Ladies in Ventriloquism”,
Lori Bruner. We are just a month and a week or so away from the Vent Haven Ventriloquist Convention 2021, (while I’m writing this) and I personally feel there is no better time to feature my amazing, talented, and gorgeous friend!. You may think I sound a bit biased, well I am. You see, Lori and I became immediate friends when we met for the first time at a convention years ago, way back in Draw Bridge days. Since meeting, Lori and I have become Vent BFF’s talking and encouraging each other in our Vent careers. I’ve watched her develop wonderful, funny, and educational shows, while her seriousness and dedication to Vent grew. However more importantly for the upcoming convention, I’ve watched Lori greet and welcome newcomers to the convention year after year with her gorgeous “welcoming” smile and personality. Lori is like a friendly ambassador to Vent, and an amazing talent!!!

What better way to tell you about my Vent BFF than in her own words….

“I became interested in ventriloquism when I saw a ventriloquist at church at the age of 8.  I asked Santa to bring me a dummy for Christmas and he granted my request!  I received a Danny O’Day doll and began performing at school and church. At age 12, I auditioned for a TV show, but they said I needed a professional dummy to be on the show.  They put me in touch with Maher Ventriloquist Studios where I ordered my longstanding companion, Randy.  Due to my dad being transferred to Texas, I didn’t get to be on that show, but through my high school and young adult years, I performed for birthday parties, churches, company events, banquets, and did end up on a couple of local television shows in the Dallas area. 
After having my first baby, I put ventriloquism aside to care for my family.  I’ve had a career in finance, so when I moved to Lexington, Kentucky, I went to work for a bank.  The bank wanted to put together a program to teach children about banking and saving money.  I said, “I’ve got just the thing for that!”  I told them about Randy and brushed up on my skills.  Randy became a part of the program.  After leaving the bank in 2014, I put together my own program called “Smart with Money” where I use ventriloquism and magic to teach children about making wise financial decisions.  I perform this show throughout Kentucky. 

To preserve Randy’s condition, I have put him in semi-retirement.  He has been replaced by his cousin, Landry.  In addition to Randy and Landry (the smart-alec kids), I have Lacey (the ditzy, lovable dog), Miss Lena (the church gossip), and Professor Ernest Lee Smart (the know-it-all).

Along with my school shows, I perform for churches, parties, and senior adults.   With schools opening back up, I will be marketing my Smart with Money show.   In addition to that, I am currently preparing a studio in my home where I can produce children’s videos.   To learn more information, please visit my website at”

The Ladies in Ventriloquism is an all female group on FaceBook that is open to anyone who is or identifies and lives their life as a “Female” and has an interest in some aspect of ventriloquism, ventriloquist figures, or anything related to or pertaining to ventriloquism. We have a lovely support group that enables us to speak openly without fear of harassment or trolling. We frequently do public online evens to show-case our talents. If you are a female vent and wold love to join us we would love to have you!!!!!!!!




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