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The Online Ventriloquist Hall Of Fame

The Online Ventriloquist Hall Of Fame

Announcing The Online Ventriloquist Hall Of Fame There are halls of fame for almost everything. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Football Hall of Fame, the Boxing Hall of Fame ... they even have a Little League Hall of Fame. Ventriloquists had nothing....

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Ventarama Is Here

Ventarama Is Here

Ventarama is today and the I.V.S. wanted to take a moment to congratulate everyone who attended. For those of you not familiar with Ventarama, it is a one day mini-convention held in the United Kingdom. Hosted by Shane West and Alex Powell, the one day...

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Ventriloquism – What & Why?

Ventriloquism - What Is It? Ventriloquism or ventriloquy is an illusion of sound. A ventriloquist uses misdirection to create the impression a voice is coming from somewhere else. Ventriloquism is often called "voice throwing." (Although that is not...

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Questions About Ventriloquism

Questions About Ventriloquism

At the International Ventriloquist Society, Maher Studios, Learn-Ventriloquism and my Comedy Ventriloquist websites, I get a lot emails with questions about ventriloquism. Today I'm going to answer some: Questions About Ventriloquism So in the future, I...

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