Eddie & Ozzie

Eddie Siller and his puppets make family friendly magic and ventriloquism in Arizona and are a hit at library shows.

Eddie began ventriloquism at around 8-10 years old with a Danny O’Day doll and Jimmy Nelson record; Christmas gifts he nearly wore out with endless practicing. Discovering the N.A.A.V. and Clinton Detweiler, Eddie enjoyed reading of the vent community in the Newsy Vents newsletter.

31 years from the Danny O’Day Christmas, Eddie’s magic shows kept him busy but his inner ventriloquist wanted stage time. The large rabbit puppet bombed hugely due to insufficient practice.

Deeply impressed by the work of Jeff Dunham, especially the strength and aliveness of his characters, Eddie avidly followed Jeff’s career. A 2010 Jeff Dunham live performance inspired Eddie and he told his wife it was time he got serious about learning ventriloquism.

This time Eddie looked up Clinton Detweiler and completed both the basic and advanced Maher Ventriloquism courses. In spite of copious practice, Eddie desired greater technique. Tom Crowl’s Learn- Ventriloquism course provided that breakthrough in technique. Eddie added a custom alien puppet for the class and soon Zek was delighting audiences.

Eddie & Zek at Vent Haven

Inspired, Eddie added more voices, scripts, and characters: blue horned monster-Ozzie, skunk-Scooch, baby dinosaur-Smudgey

Noodles, brown dog-Spike, and, the only hard figure, Eddie’s hispanic buddy Alonso.

In 2016 and 2018, Eddie attended the Vent Haven ConVENTion. The family atmosphere, where beginners and seasoned performers conversed as equals, touched him deeply.

“With Tom’s course, the help of other vents, and of course practice; I am having more fun than ever.”

— Eddie Siller

Eddie & Spike go for a ride

Contact Eddie Siller:
Phone: (928) 710-1080
Website: MagicalEddie.wix.com/idokidsmagic
Email: magicaleddie@gmail.com

Video of Eddie and Zek taken in 2017 at the Southwest Ventriloquist Club gathering.

This article was written by I.V.S. Member and contributor Ann Seeton.