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How To Throw Your Voice

How To Throw Your Voice

How To Throw Your Voice Maher Studios gets a lot of email about this subject. How can I throw my voice? I do not believe you can teach me to throw my voice. In the past I have tried and I failed. You say the voice always comes from you, but the ear can't...

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Magical Eddie & His Puppets | Eddie Siller

Magical Eddie & His Puppets | Eddie Siller

Eddie Siller and his puppets make family friendly magic and ventriloquism in Arizona and are a hit at library shows. Eddie began ventriloquism at around 8-10 years old with a Danny O’Day doll and Jimmy Nelson record; Christmas gifts he nearly wore out with...

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Ventarama Is Here

Ventarama Is Here

Ventarama is today and the I.V.S. wanted to take a moment to congratulate everyone who attended. For those of you not familiar with Ventarama, it is a one day mini-convention held in the United Kingdom. Hosted by Shane West and Alex Powell, the one day...

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