Thanks Mark …

I say that tongue in cheek with a touch of sarcasm.

Mark & I are great friends.

We talk almost every day on the phone, because, well, Mark is a lonely man.

A great man …

But he needs a hobby.

Again – I am joking.

He has a hobby – apparently it is calling me …

It was Mark who spearheaded the I.V.S. when we rebuilt Maher Ventriloquist Studios. He wanted to revive an organization for ventriloquists.

We had gone so long without one.

Then, when he and Ken Groves stepped down from the I.V.S. and Maher, everything was left to me.

I could have joined them and shuttered the doors again. But I felt Maher & the I.V.S. deserved a chance to survive.

Running a bunch of websites, along with my own shows, can be hectic.

Although he stepped aside, Mark has often told me he was there to help. All I needed to do was call. Of course, since he was always calling me, I didn’t get much chance to call him.

One day, Mark wrote an excellent article about why ventriloquists should support the I.V.S.

He told me I could use it in the IVS Spotlight, or wherever it would be the most help.

I felt the Spotlight was preaching to the choir. Our members are very supportive of the society.

The article was scheduled to run on the Maher Studios blog. You can find it here.

I thought Mark was helping me.

Saving me time …

I was wrong.

The article spawned conversations. Some pointed to the fact the organization existed on the Maher Studios site.

That was because the I.V.S. was a part of Maher, just like the N.A.A.V. was a part of Maher during Clinton’s reign of the company.

These conversations made me realize, if the I.V.S. wanted to grow, it had to stand apart from Maher.

And so friends, that is how this site was formed.

It took hundreds of hours to design, code and create. (And as of this writing it is nowhere near finished.

Thanks for saving me time Mark!

I appreciate the “help” buddy!

Are you a member of the I.V.S.? If so, make sure to access your account here to make sure everything is working.

If not, join the I.V.S. here!