Google is a dictator.

Now watch all my websites stop appearing in searches.

Google is the most popular search engine on the planet.

They get more than 3 searches a day.

I’m pretty sure anyway.

I know they get a lot. I don’t need to count, I play with puppets.

Because Google is so popular, they literally make website owners jump through hoops.

You want to appear in the results, you need to do this. Then next week, you have to do that. Oh, and don’t forget to use our analytics, site maps and other programs you probably don’t understand. After all, we are coders. You play with puppets.

By the way, can you buy us a cup of coffee? We only made 32 billion dollars from advertisers last year, but the check hasn’t cleared.

So what does this have to do with ventriloquism?

Or the I.V.S.?

Thanks for hanging this long. I will explain…

When you reach a website with the prefix http:// – Google’s Chrome browser will tell you it isn’t secure. Other web browsers have followed suit.

They want sites to have a security certificate.

The prefix will then be: Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure or as most web users know it – https://

You can get free ones, but you need to renew them every ninety days.

The best way to go is to purchase a security certificate.

Welcome to the world of online commerce my friends.

So why would the International Ventriloquist Society need a security certificate?

As an online community / membership site, members must sign in.

If Google Chrome or another browser pops up a message saying that wasn’t a secure site, it would scare folks off.

The thing is, https: doesn’t secure the website.

It simply secures your transmission from your computer to the site server. And there are ways around that …

If your computer is hacked, or the web server gets hacked – the https: is useless.

That is why I also invest in security monitoring software for my sites. I want your experience to be safe and secure.

But because the Google dictator demands the https: protocol, I just spent time & money acquiring and setting one up.

You are now safe to sign in and play with puppets.