What Vent Books Influenced You?

An interesting discussion about books on ventriloquism. Some you may have, some you may have heard of, some may have influenced you! And no - this isn't a commercial for Maher! We encourage you to share your favorite books on ventriloquism and performing below!...

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Handling Life On The Road

What is a professional entertainer's life really like? It isn't like you think. Today we discuss how we handle being on the road. Mark and Ken talk about this with the concept the listener wants to be a full time pro. Even if you don't want to be a pro - this...

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Things We’ve Enjoyed In Our Careers

It doesn't matter if you are a pro, a part timer or a hobbyist, ventriloquism is fun. It is supposed to be enjoyable. So today, Tom & Ken decide to discuss what they have enjoyed over their careers. However, as is often the case, the discussion takes a drastic...

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Attitudes Of Audiences

So the show doesn't go well. Is it you? Is it the audience? Isn't it the performer's responsibility to entertain the people in front of them. Yes. Can you always do it? No. Why? Because audiences are made up of people too. Each one has feelings and emotions. Each one...

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The Value Of The Repeat Show

Today we discuss the value and benefits of repeat shows. It isn't just an annual thing, or a money thing - but it is a definite thing! Don’t have time to listen now? Download this episode to your computer, tablet or phone and listen on the go! Right Click...

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