What To Do When You Bomb!

What To Do When You Bomb!

Welcome to Episode 9 of Maher Ventriloquist Radio!

One of the biggest fears a person has is bombing on-stage. The fear of failure when in front of an audience terrifies some people. In truth, no one gets hurt. At least physically. But bombing can happen, and it happens to us all at one point or another.

Today, Mark, Ken and I talk about what to do when you bomb. It’s all about the aftermath and learning how to keep it from happening again.

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What To Do When You Bomb!

How Much Should I Charge?

How much should I charge? We must hear this again and again from ventriloquists. The truth is, there is no pricing guide for entertainers. In this week’s show, Ken reveals a pricing formula most people never consider. Don’t just pick a price out of the air like so many entertainers do. Understand your expenses – all of them. Figure out what you want to earn for a comfortable living and retirement – then, do the math and find your answer.

Sound complicated? It isn’t. Listen to the show and you’ll be able to figure it out.

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What To Do When You Bomb!

Good Audience / Bad Audience

Welcome to Episode 5 of Maher Ventriloquist Radio. This was the first episode to become an I.V.S. Member exclusive.

Today we talk about audiences. Good and bad. What is the difference that makes an audience good or bad. Is it the audience? Or is it the performer? What happens and why? Find out the questions you need to ask yourself when a show doesn’t go as planned.

With every episode you will learn and laugh as you get an inside look at how the “Maher Three” work together. Don’t have time to listen here? Download this episode to your computer, tablet or phone and listen on the go!


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Welcome …

Welcome …

Welcome to the new home of the International Ventriloquist Society!

This new website will allow Maher Studios to separate our important organization from the Maher site, allowing it to continue to grow and improve for our members. Here we will feature new articles, updates, the I.V.S. Spotlights with more content for members and non-members alike. All with the focus of promoting ventriloquism around the world and helping our members grow in the art.

Please take a moment to look around the website. As we are under construction, now is the time to make requests. Let us know what you want to see. If you need help with the navigation, let us know how we can make things easier for you.

On September 15th, 2018, VentriloquistSociety.com will be officially open for business with the publication of the September I.V.S. Spotlight.

Thank you for visiting,

Tom Crowl
Executive Director
International Ventriloquist Society

Ventriloquism Organization Continues To Grow

Ventriloquism Organization Continues To Grow

Ventriloquism Organization Grows

While the future of many organizations looks bleak.

As a ventriloquism organization, the I.V.S. continues to grow. That breaks a disturbing trend though.

Recently, Kidabra, a children’s entertainer organization ceased publication of their online magazine. Kidabra will continue to host conventions, but even those may be at stake without a thriving membership.

If you attend Rotary Club, Lions, Elks & Moose lodge meetings across the United States, you find in most cases their membership is down too.


Organizations used to be important forums.

At that time, there were few other ways to network.

The leadership would bring in speakers to provide members with insights and current informtion.

The organizations, clubs, societies, would also act as advocates on behalf of their members.

These organizations would communicate with members via magazines and newsletters.

They formed local groups and held national conferences.

That was then … this is now …

Welcome to the Digital Age.

Today, you can jump on the Internet, Google search your industry and connect with others in a matter of minutes.

There are forums on FaceBook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. These repositories of information can help you solve problems.

Need advice, just post and ask!

And you can do this anywhere.

You’ve got a computer in the palm of your hand if you own a smart phone.

And many people expect to access information on websites for free.

So why pay to become a member?

What can organizations do?

And why is the International Ventriloquist Society growing?

Future Of Ventriloquism Organization

The Future …

The future of any organization will depend on how it embraces technology and uses it to connect in a meaningful way.

Success will depend on staying ahead of the curve by anticipating trends that will affect members. How the organization then helps their members with this knowledge will see them grow or fail.

Exclusive access to high quality forums, workshops, seminars & conferences will create valuable opportunities for the membership.

The key growth factor will be focusing on the needs of individual members and providing what they seek. Can the organization provide valuable training and resources to help these members save time and succeed?

The International Ventriloquist Society has taken these concepts to heart.

We have separated from the Maher Ventriloquist Studios site which will provide us with room to grow.

No longer in the Maher shadow, we can concentrate on promoting the society and the art of ventriloquism to a larger audience.

We will continue the I.V.S. Spotlights, but enhance the site with other trainings and information.

Much of this will be available only to paid members.

But the I.V.S. is also taking a progressive path to enlarging our numbers.

A recent article stated:

We can expect Associations to grow their membership by allowing public access to part of their archive, and to a digest of current news postings and resources …

To that end, we will be creating new “free” content and offering glimpses at some of our older materials. We intend for this site to become a go to source for all things ventriloquism.

We will offer a new “Free Member” level. This allows access to the free content here on the site.

But if it is already free content, why would people want to become free members?

Because it will allow the IVS to stay in touch and inform the public about the latest in the world of ventriloquism.

Naturally, the goal is to be so valuable to any Free Members, that they will become full members of the I.V.S. so they will have access to everything on the site.

We are also creating a trial membership.

Trial memberships are only $1 for 7 days. They will get full access to the site contents. If they decide to continue, at the end of 7 days they are billed for the full membership and set up with a subscription account.

We are excited to begin this new phase of the I.V.S.

We look forward to the participation and input of our members as we work toward creating a better ventriloquism organization for you.


Site Not Secure?

Site Not Secure?

Google is a dictator.

Now watch all my websites stop appearing in searches.

Google is the most popular search engine on the planet.

They get more than 3 searches a day.

I’m pretty sure anyway.

I know they get a lot. I don’t need to count, I play with puppets.

Because Google is so popular, they literally make website owners jump through hoops.

You want to appear in the results, you need to do this. Then next week, you have to do that. Oh, and don’t forget to use our analytics, site maps and other programs you probably don’t understand. After all, we are coders. You play with puppets.

By the way, can you buy us a cup of coffee? We only made 32 billion dollars from advertisers last year, but the check hasn’t cleared.

So what does this have to do with ventriloquism?

Or the I.V.S.?

Thanks for hanging this long. I will explain…

When you reach a website with the prefix http:// – Google’s Chrome browser will tell you it isn’t secure. Other web browsers have followed suit.

They want sites to have a security certificate.

The prefix will then be: Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure or as most web users know it – https://

You can get free ones, but you need to renew them every ninety days.

The best way to go is to purchase a security certificate.

Welcome to the world of online commerce my friends.


So why would the International Ventriloquist Society need a security certificate?

As an online community / membership site, members must sign in.

If Google Chrome or another browser pops up a message saying that VentriloquistSociety.com wasn’t a secure site, it would scare folks off.

The thing is, https: doesn’t secure the website.

It simply secures your transmission from your computer to the site server. And there are ways around that …

If your computer is hacked, or the web server gets hacked – the https: is useless.

That is why I also invest in security monitoring software for my sites. I want your experience to be safe and secure.

But because the Google dictator demands the https: protocol, I just spent time & money acquiring and setting one up.

You are now safe to sign in and play with puppets.



Thanks Mark

Thanks Mark

Thanks Mark …

I say that tongue in cheek with a touch of sarcasm.

Mark & I are great friends.

We talk almost every day on the phone, because, well, Mark is a lonely man.

A great man …

But he needs a hobby.

Again – I am joking.

He has a hobby – apparently it is calling me …

It was Mark who spearheaded the I.V.S. when we rebuilt Maher Ventriloquist Studios. He wanted to revive an organization for ventriloquists.

We had gone so long without one.

Then, when he and Ken Groves stepped down from the I.V.S. and Maher, everything was left to me.

I could have joined them and shuttered the doors again. But I felt Maher & the I.V.S. deserved a chance to survive.

Running a bunch of websites, along with my own shows, can be hectic.

Although he stepped aside, Mark has often told me he was there to help. All I needed to do was call. Of course, since he was always calling me, I didn’t get much chance to call him.

One day, Mark wrote an excellent article about why ventriloquists should support the I.V.S.

He told me I could use it in the IVS Spotlight, or wherever it would be the most help.

I felt the Spotlight was preaching to the choir. Our members are very supportive of the society.

The article was scheduled to run on the Maher Studios blog. You can find it here.

I thought Mark was helping me.

Saving me time …

I was wrong.

The article spawned conversations. Some pointed to the fact the organization existed on the Maher Studios site.

That was because the I.V.S. was a part of Maher, just like the N.A.A.V. was a part of Maher during Clinton’s reign of the company.

These conversations made me realize, if the I.V.S. wanted to grow, it had to stand apart from Maher.

And so friends, that is how this site was formed.

It took hundreds of hours to design, code and create. (And as of this writing it is nowhere near finished.

Thanks for saving me time Mark!

I appreciate the “help” buddy!

Are you a member of the I.V.S.? If so, make sure to access your account here to make sure everything is working.

If not, join the I.V.S. here!

David Crone – I’m No Dummy Productions

David Crone – I’m No Dummy Productions

David Crone
I’m No Dummy Productions

Tired of boring company meetings? Have a message you want delivered to your staff in a fun and interesting way? Looking for a way to close out your conference with a bang? You’re in the right place.

Corporate entertainer David Crone understands what you are up against. As a former Fortune 500 executive, David understands both the importance of company gatherings and the challenge of doing them right. He left the corner office for center stage with the express purpose to make these events fun!

David brings a unique combination of business savvy, IT expertise, and mad ventriloquist skills that allow him to customize programs that will connect with your audience in a way like none other.

Contact David today to get started customizing a program for the most important audience in the world – yours.




PO Box 86
Amlin, OH 43002 USA


Tom Crowl

Tom Crowl

Tom Crowl

Exceptional corporate entertainment is no laughing matter. Tom partners with event planners, businesses and organizations to deliver a show worth raving about.

Personalized Performance: from the complementary consultation through the after-event buzz, your success is all that matters.

Total Audience Engagement: razor-sharp improvisation and audience participation meld together to entertain and energize your group.

Memorable Moments: designed for your audience, generating roars of laughter that result in glowing reviews.

Tom Crowl is a high-energy comedian and ventriloquist who brings over 30 years of professional entertainment experience into each new performance. Tom is often recognized from his appearance on NBC’s Last Comic Standing as well as his performances at corporate events, associations, theaters and resorts around the world.

Tom has been the featured opener for recognized celebrities and high-profile acts including The Drifters, Chubby Checkers, Rodney Atkins, The Marvellettes and The Diamonds. He’s been the preferred performer for events hosted by Coca-Cola, Armstrong, Oxy Permian, the National Association of Postal Supervisors and the Strathmore Foundation. He has also received accolades for his shows at resorts from Cancun to West Virginia and New York.

Your event deserves a corporate entertainer that will keep your guests laughing and make them the stars of the show. Contact his office today to discuss your entertainment needs.

P.O. Box 2131
Westminster, MD. 21158



Lisa Laird & Pockets Full of Fun

Lisa Laird & Pockets Full of Fun

Lisa Laird & Pockets Full of Fun

Lisa Laird and her puppet friends from Pockets Full of Fun provide family friendly programs which entertain, encourage and educate audiences of all ages with ventriloquism, puppetry, magic and stories as well as lots of audience participation.

Lisa Laird became a ventriloquist in order to enhance the learning environment in her preschool classroom, but retired from teaching in 2008 in order to travel the Midwest as a children’s entertainer. She performs in libraries, schools, churches and at community events and retirement homes. Lisa enjoys writing new shows every year for churches and schools as well as library shows to fit the summer reading theme. In addition to her stage shows, Lisa offers puppet making and beginning magic workshops for children, teacher workshops on using puppetry in the classroom and employee seminars for nursing home and healthcare workers. Lisa’s favorite thing about performing is seeing smiles and hearing the laughter of children who love her puppet friends.


315 7th St. NE
Orange City, IA 51041