IVS Radio – February 2017

I said I'd bring back Maher Ventriloquist Radio in February - and here it is! This is two friends shooting the breeze and talking about things of interest. In this episode, my guest and I discuss comedy and so much more. I think you'll enjoy it. Don’t have...

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When Characters Don’t Work Out

When you see a ventriloquist on-stage with a character that seems so real you can't believe it - is it magic? Or hard work? You know the truth - magical moments are few and far between. Even then, hard work is required to make the character play well for the audience....

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Something Different

Welcome to a very different episode of Maher Ventriloquist Radio. Why is it different? Well,you will have to listen and find out! One thing is certain, I think you will enjoy today's conversation. When friends get together you never know what is going to come out of...

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Where Are The Puppets?

Where are the puppets? What do you do with yours when you aren't performing? What about the pros? Where are their puppets? Everybody LOVES puppets? Right? Well today, we discuss puppets with some insights you might find interesting, or amusing or, wishing this episode...

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What Do You Think About On-Stage?

What do you think about on-stage? Your script? Your next line? How the puppet emotes? Your puppet movement? How you are standing? What impression you are giving the audience? If there is a boogy hanging out of your nose? If you pulled up your fly? If your socks match?...

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